Ballot Questions

There are a lot of questions on this year’s ballot. I’ve had a number of people call and email me to ask about the ballot questions. Following are my positions on the ballot initiatives:

 – Requires Prince George’s County Orphans’ Court Judges to be lawyers in good standing.

 – Requires Baltimore County Orphans’ Court Judges to be lawyers in good standing.

Both questions 1 & 2 are the same, just different jurisdictions. I trust voters to select the right person for an office. If the voters think being a lawyer is important, they will vote for the candidate that is a lawyer.
Case in point: a lawyer who has practiced liquor law is running against a paralegal that has a career in wills and estates. Let the voters decide if the lawyer or paralegal is the better Orphans’ Court Judge.

QUESTION 3 – Recommend FOR – 
Constitutional amendment that speeds the removal of convicted elected officials.

 – Reduces tuition for illegal immigrants at public colleges and universities- the Dream Act.

Tuition at public colleges and universities is subsidized with tax dollars. I do not think that our tax dollars should be spent to educate people who are not legally in our country. Without legal status, those educated illegal immigrants will not be able to get a job in the USA. This is NOT a path to citizenship.

 – Congressional districting plan imposes unfair boundaries influenced by partisan politics.

Tell Annapolis that Maryland’s gerrymandered congressional districts only serve power-hungry politicians – not citizens.

 – Redefines Civil Marriage Law to allow same-sex marriages.

I support marriage between one man and one woman.

QUESTION 7 – Recommend AGAINST – 
Extensively expands gambling, adding a casino in Prince George’s County.

Maryland’s gambling measures have been poorly thought out from the beginning. The original proposals offered by the state were so greedy that the state could not find bidders for all of the 5 pre-determined locations. Eventually, bidders did get approved, but two of the five casinos are not even open yet. Baltimore City’s location has not yet broken ground!

In the meantime, the leadership in Annapolis passed huge tax breaks for casino owners that are not given to any other business in Maryland. And there is no guarantee that the money generated by gambling will be added to the state’s education fund.

It just doesn’t add up – I’m voting NO on this question.

Let’s get the 5 casinos open and then revisit the plan in a thoughtful and comprehensive way.